RV1: Datacenter Applications

We believe that the benefits of new hardware are best understood in the context of an end-to-end application performance. Although microbenchmarks are easier to develop and provide more impressive numbers (by zeroing in on exactly the component of the system that has been sped up), they can be misleading as to the practical impact of hardware innovations on user-observable performance. Hence, we aim to develop end-to-end and robust applications which integrate with the Crossroads server platform; these applications will both illuminate the benefits of the Crossroads 3D-FPGA architecture and also stand on their own as best-of-breed exemplars of software systems which integrate with an FPGA. Over the three-year period of the project, we will work with three end-to-end applications: an intrusion detection system (IDS), a DNN-based sentiment analysis system, and an operating system for microservices. These full benchmarks will better serve as technology drivers for innovation.

RV1 PIs: Justine Sherry and Vyas Sekar